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Thick RVP Dressing

Thick RVP Dressing

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This is our thick formulation of our water based dressing that can be used on tires, rubber, vinyl & plastic. Typically thick dressings are used on applicators or brushes (depending on the surface its being applied to) to avoid over-spray or sling. This is a high silicone, long lasting dressing that is widely considered as one of the best dressings on the market! This dressing will leave your surface conditioned, hydrated and free of any residue. This product is also fantastic for restoring faded plastics and is safe for using in the interior of the vehicle such as dashboard, doors, arm rests etc. This is a PREMIUM water based dressing that's versatile and long lasting! 

✅  Thick water based formulation 

✅  Can be used on leather, vinyl & plastic 

✅  Great for interiors such as the dashboard, center console and door panels

✅  Great for tires! Super rich, hydrating formulation! 

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